8 smart alarm systems under the microscope

When you have an alarm, you soon think of expensive and complex systems. You don’t have to, because technology in this area has made great strides.

Home invasion is still a major problem in 2018. Despite the fact that houses are more difficult to access than 20 or 30 years ago, tens of thousands of burglaries take place in the Netherlands every year. For years there have been alarm systems that work with a code on a locker somewhere near the door, but of course we want to go a step further than that. After all, prevention is better than cure and in that respect it is interesting to take a look at a smart alarm system for the home. Below 5 reasons why camerabewaking is worthwhile and what the latest technologies have to offer.

1. It doesn’t have to cost power
Nowadays you can make your home safer for a reasonable amount of money. There is something for every budget. Cameras, for example, are often of HD quality. You can also take a look at a smart alarm system that works with WiFi. The costs for such an alarm system are relatively low, for a few hundred euros you have a complete set in your house.

2. The latest technologies
Instead of (expensive) cameras you can also consider a package with sensors. With the latest techniques it is possible to provide a room with sensors, including an alarm. By connecting these to your smartphone (iOS and Android) you will get a message when a movement is detected. Not only useful for scum, but also if you want to keep an eye on the behaviour of your pet, for example. Everything is possible, from wireless to a wired system. It’s just what your wallet allows.

3. With a safe feeling of home
On holiday or visiting friends or family who live further away? With a smart alarm system you can leave home without worries. Among other things, there are base stations that work with a SIM card. In case of detection, the system itself can call in the emergency services and in some cases even pass on a location. Of course, make sure there is some credit on such a SIM card.

4. Convenience serves man
An alarm system can not only be useful, but also help with living comfort. Especially with a large house it can be annoying when the doorbell rings and you’re not around. An alarm system with a smart camera can transmit live images via an app on your smartphone. In this way, without opening the door, you immediately know who or what is at the door.

5. House rises in value
Installing a professional and modern alarm system can help increase the value of your home. However, this applies especially to large houses that are not cheap to buy, so keep that in mind.